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A team of dedicated healthcare professionals focusing on bringing affordable and reliable diagnostics near you at the comfort of your home or office. With healthcare your health checkups, blood tests, full body checkup, along with other health concerns, won’t be on hold all you have to “CHOOSE”. We will make it all easy for you and also cost-effective. Being healthy is imperative, and caring for yourself and your loved ones is just a click away with healthcare worry less and care more for self and your loved ones.
  • Handles Over Thousands Patients Every Year,
  • High Quality Repoting ,
  • Confidentiality,  Speed and Accuracy assured,
  • High Experienced Staff,

Popular Health Packages

Most Popular
pathology lab in Amritsar

Anemia Profile

Reticulocyte Count

₹700 ( ₹1000 )

Most Popular

Fever Panel

CBC, ESR, MP, Widal,
SGPT, Urine C/E

₹340 ( ₹480)

Most Popular
clinical laboratory in Amritsar

Basic Health Check Profile

CBC, ESR, BloodGroup, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Urine C/E

₹420 ( ₹600)

Most Popular
pathology lab in Amritsar

Arthristis Profile

HB, TLC, DLC, ESR, B.Sugar, S.UricAcid, RA Factor, Calcium, Urine C/E

₹340 ( ₹490 )

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